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Don't Panic Over That Check Engine Light

When the check engine light comes on, it is normal to feel anxious. A car’s engine is not only essential, but it’s also expensive to replace. When you bring your vehicle to Absolute Transmission Service in Allentown, PA, you can trust our expert mechanics to identify the problem and recommend a solution.

We’ll begin by checking for minor problems such as a loose gas cap or a faulty sensor. It is our priority to make the necessary repairs to your engine if it needs them. Our expertise ranges from minor repairs to complete engine rebuilds. Visit our auto shop today to have your check engine light checked.

Your vehicle can’t move without an engine, which is why it’s so important to understand how it works and how to maintain it. Learn how your machine works, what causes it to malfunction, and how to keep it.

Your vehicle’s engine is a sensitive piece of machinery that powers it to get you from point A to point B. Modern engines are also known as internal combustion engines; they work by heating and combusting fuel inside to move your vehicle. When the engine is powered, pistons travel inside large cylinders in the engine block, which is the outermost part of the machine. As the engine works, coolant flows through cylinders and other passages in the device.

The number of cylinders usually determines the type of engine, and in turn, how much power it can generate. A combustion chamber is located inside the engine. To move pistons and power your vehicle, your engine must create energy. The combustion chamber is where fuel is heated up and evaporated to create the energy that moves your car.

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3 Signs Your Engine is Failing

The engine makes it very obvious when there is a problem with any vehicle since it is such a massive component. If you’re wondering whether your machine needs to be repaired, here are a few signs you should watch for.

Starting Troubles: The key is in the ignition, turning the ignition to start, and then click, click, click, thud! Something is wrong. There are a few different reasons why you’re having trouble creating your vehicle, one of them being the engine. It is time to visit a mechanic if your machine doesn’t turn over during the starting process. Starting problems are sometimes caused by faulty wiring, dying batteries, or a malfunctioning alternator.

When your car normally runs smoothly and suddenly you feel some shaking or hear strange noises coming from beneath the hood, your engine might be about to fail. Grinding, whining, or clicking are never good signs, especially when they are accompanied by turbulent travels or unusual smells.

Keep track of your mileage: Each time you fill up your tank by writing it down on your odometer. You should keep an eye on how much gas you use per mile, and if it’s getting worse, the engine might be at fault. Fuel is burned in the combustion chamber of your engine to create mechanical energy. Overheating or another problem could be the cause of too much power being consumed.

Stalling and Idling: There is nothing more embarrassing than stalling on the road, but it could be worse than you think, especially if you are driving an automatic. When the clutch isn’t engaged properly or the RPM is too high, manuals tend to stall, but automatics shouldn’t stall unless there’s a severe issue. You can schedule an appointment with a certified mechanic if your vehicle is stalling or idling. With our thorough engine diagnosis service, you can rest assured that your car will be back up and running in no time.

When you notice engine trouble, you should seek assistance as soon as possible. The cost of engine repairs can be daunting, mainly because they can be more expensive than other repairs. The sooner you take care of damaged parts of your engine, the less money you will have to spend on repairs in the future. It is always more expensive to replace your entire machine than to fix a minor engine problem now.